A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone

by Sleeping Patterns

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Available 6/9/17 via Counter Intuitive / Honest Face Records
Pre-order Vinyl/CD here: goo.gl/9V7cLS


released June 9, 2017

Sleeping Patterns is:
Stevie Fitzpatrick - Vocals
Zachary Boudrot - Guitar/Vocals
Sam Checkoway - Drums/Percussion
Chris Venditti - Bass
Evan Tamagni - Guitar

Engineering/Mixing/Mastering by Jake Checkoway
Additional vocals on "Raindance" by Scott Ayotte

Drums/Bass/Guitars were tracked at Uarts in Philadelphia, PA.
Vocals were tracked at Kissy Pig Studio in Allston, MA.
Additional guitars tracked by Evan Tamagni at Berklee in Valencia, Spain.



all rights reserved


Honest Face Records Worcester, Massachusetts

We are an independently run label based out of central Massachusetts.

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Track Name: Choose
A life lived to the fullest should be the thing stuck in our heads, but all I see is a burning apartment; it makes us cringe instead. Weeks go by until I believe that what I've come to know is as real as seeing palm trees grow in places that it snows. Taking, twisting words and meanings. Picking, pulling lines and phrases. Choose. You see good and pass up on it. Screaming, shouting just platonic. Choose. Stay with the person you left unattended. Wait for a message that won't get sent. Learn how to swallow the words you never meant and accept them. Around his body’s ashes I stood there and watched his son approach his worst fear. A suffering on both ends it would seem unfair. I'm not one for change but now the change is surrounding me. Tell me how you'll keep on rotting if no one sets you free. And if we're being honest well I don't know how I’d cope. I'd try to tell myself what I’d do but I don't really know, no I don't know.
Track Name: Barely Enough
His guilt’s regret will eat away everything except a stomach ache. I think he'll learn to deal with it but dealing’s not the worst of this. He looks for someone he can blame but only sees his own name. Rewarded young for thinking straight, scolded if caught thinking gay. No, I'm barely enough and I'm really in rough shape. So, does it matter or not? Am I barely enough? Well I guess it doesn't matter what you think. I used to tell you stuff it doesn't change that much but it did back then and actually still does. So, does it matter or not? Am I barely enough? Well I guess it doesn't matter what you think.... I've been away too long but I won't spiral down like you have. Nobody’s safe now but still somehow you seem to get word out that you are so much cleaner, better, sweeter; well I’ll be the judge of that. I don't agree, it just seems to me that we're losing sight of the simple things. In the end, it's not what we've got it's what we don't have that means a lot. I often think to myself “why don't you go walk on somebody else.”
Track Name: Raindance
Let me tell you about my life. I don't really have a life. I've been looking for that green grassy other side. Still haven't found it yet because god knows I'm not satisfied. Can't quit using drugs I love because they make me feel nice. I still think about the beauty of it. The first time you take a risk is the first time you know you really love it. " What’s that? What's love that he's talking about?" I'm talking about loving something more than loving yourself. I wanted you to come down from there. You've been asking where your lover’s been. I've been learning how my business was clearly never in your bed. That was then and this is now and you still have your plans of being someone else. Well then just get on with them. I wanted you to come down from there. I wish that you were my friend. I placed my friends within a frame, so the memory would stay the same, not fade to yellow like forgotten names. We'll keep dancing in the autumn rain, and keep driving till we stall again. Talk on holidays and when we can. A mix of worried and successful friends; is it make or break, or break or bend?
Track Name: Cigarette Song
I'm trying to reduce my cigarette consumption, if not I will eventually cease to function. But the taste of it is on your lips and the smell of it is in your hair. I'm trying to reward myself for overcoming an addiction to something that does nothing for me. But the taste of it is on my lips and the smell of it is in my hair. Yeah, the taste of it is on your lips and the smell of it is in your hair. It’s not you I’m afraid of, it’s the cancer in between your lips. And I know that it’s your favorite, but I’ve got to think to quit takes patience. Yeah, it’s harder when you're always wasted and that's all of the time because you're oh so angry. I start to taste something familiar and the smell of it is in your hair.
Track Name: A Little Blood
At first I'm standing, and then the next second I'm tripping over myself. Taking a spill over my grandfather's retaining wall into the mulch in his neighbor's front yard; so much for yard work. I landed flat on my back but on the way down somehow, I lacerated my shin and I can't stop the bleeding. Running ‘round into the back yard turning faucets to the left. Wiping dirt out from the crater that has appeared on the surface. And now I'm laying in the back yard applying pressure on the swollen patch of skin. While gram and gramps debate hospital trips and I'm already over it. Yeah, a little blood never hurt anyone. Knees in the mud, well I’m not sure that was the plan. But, sometimes we get a little blood on our hands.
Track Name: Embryonal Carcinoma
Strange how you've been going around. Hands all in your pockets suggests that you're not so proud. Burning all the buildings down. Hoping that I'll find the flames amusing. Nerves still don't feel anything. A part of me was cut open and a piece taken. Really sounds worse than it seems. Tried your very best but you don't know what it means.
Track Name: I Wrote This Song While Thinking Of You
Snow falling in big flakes with a mix of sleet and freezing rain. I like to watch it all accumulate. Feeling a draft from the door. Winter’s icy breath has no remorse. I'll take it for what it's worth. Willfully drowning myself. With deep regret a raging river could not describe this flood of thoughts. So, I'll take them in.
Track Name: Cut Ties
Quit telling yourself you’re everything. Clearly, it's not what you need. Eyes of solid earth before me. Light brown. Why can't I ever seem to fight cold shoulders you exercise, unconventional tries. I wish I had more time. I'm sick of feeling dead on the inside. You know I can feel it this time. Rotting hearts and damp minds. I said it "cut ties". Every day it gets harder to look in the mirror. Comparing yourself to old pictures. Won't smile for anyone else now. I got to cut ties with it somehow. Your vote of confidence is shattered from the weight of your own words. Can't remember why I started thinking help was not so easy to find.
Track Name: Breaking A Lung
The feeling of waking up on the right side of the bed. Notions of love and happiness don't leave my head. They fill me up; Half-full not half-empty but, where to share this non-love induced ambiance? I tried to make you see every part of me. All the pressure of not being anything that you want me to be. I'm sorry if I did something but I didn't do anything. Biting my bottom lip, holding my breath. Keeping myself from breaking a lung. As desperate as you are, you never get very far. We'll always share this non-love induced ambiance. Had one wish that day. Hoped I wouldn't say. I said it all knowingly anyways. You stuck on to me like I wouldn't see. You didn't think I had the guts it'd take. I cut my loose ends and made all amends there's no reason I should've felt this way. I don't understand how you comprehend. Our brains can't be wired so differently.
Track Name: Obsolete
Some friends of mine had died again. Found a new place I'll go visit them but first I'll burn down where we hung out. I don’t suppose someone said that you were looking old. Well I was told an amount of times I don't even know. Don't come running to me when I'm good for nothing. When it comes to you I think I've found myself a new home. I'm not sure you need any reassuring but if you do why don't you take a look right out your window. What a sight to see when you became obsolete. Trying to be grounded when I'm sinking in this half-wet concrete.