by Sleeping Patterns

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released July 1, 2015

All songs written by Sleeping Patterns.
Sleeping Patterns is: Stevie Fitzpatrick, Zachary Boudrot, Sam Checkoway, Evan Tamagni, and Chris Venditti

On these recordings:
Zachary Boudrot - Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Sam Checkoway - Drums
Evan Tamagni - Guitar
Stevie Fitzpatrick - Vocals

Thanks to Jess Hall for doing guest vocals on "No, Not In My Skin" and "An Art Class"

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Ian Van Opijnen



all rights reserved


Honest Face Records Worcester, Massachusetts

We are an independently run label based out of central Massachusetts.

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Track Name: No, Not In My Skin
Sitting down in this mesh of wood and fabric, what’s a bed anyways when you can’t relax in it? No comfort, no jest, just lots of unrest. Plain and boring like white walls and plaster. I want to be plastered on every TV screen saying shut me off. My whole family looks at me as if I have an answer. If I knew what I wanted to do with my life don’t you try and think twice you know I’d fucking tell you. We’re starting to become astonished that I’m perfectly able to commit to this. If you’re gonna fall down, you got to fall down right. But please stop looking through the glass, healing takes time. So tick-tick-tock the bird’s out of the clock and he’ll chirp a song for you. That’s not enough for the both of us. I need something solid to see this through. You couldn’t sink your teeth into something like that; a rotten piece of the world that you had to spit back in my face to get a message, to give your piece of mind. I find nothing wrong in this, in fact I think it’s exactly what I need. I’m sorry about bringing up all the bad news. And I’m sorry but I would rather just forget about you. It seems bad but we all got to move on somehow. So let’s just pack our bags, get the keys and fucking move out. Observing what’s left of my body, take a mental note. Mixed in emotions lay awful good notions aside. Pulling dead weight off of my back just to float. No, not in my skin will I accept living this lie.
Track Name: I Won't Watch You Kill Yourself
Stand where I stood but you can’t replace what my life has circled around, circles around. My whole purpose just seemed so worthless than anything you ever stood for. A turn in the page feels all the same. A son tries to change from his father’s dismay. You hated new faces that you didn’t meet. Why waste most your days always trying to please. Ask me that question and I’ll have your answer: I am that person. You took the fall, I stole the win. Who’s left afraid? It’s you my friend. I’ll lay you down if you’re going out, I won’t watch you kill yourself.
Track Name: Prejudice
Sickened by your prejudice and egotistic jaunt, you lack in unbiased opinions and intuitive thought. You’re all wasting away, yeah they’re controlling you. You’re all wasting away they’ve got a hold on you. I’ve been awakened by the numbers of people we witness all wasting away. It’s a shame where they’ll end up but I can’t be the one to say. Such overwhelming confidence dripping off of every word. Maybe I would believe you if you didn’t just say things that you heard. You’re all wasting away, yeah they’re controlling you. You’re all wasting away they’ve got a hold on you.Would this be an open wound you’d rub salt and spit into? I can tell that you would probably like that, you’d like that. Honest words from the worst person. I’m just sick of listening. I can tell that you would never open your ears.
Track Name: An Art Class
Alone in a studio room, constant chatter on the other side through the precipice…a door. Just me and you, it's Tuesday morning but I can’t help but notice you’ve got bags under your eyes. “Did you get any sleep last night?” I asked myself inside. Yet still expecting a reply. I was too scared to break the silence so I ventured for the pastels. Turning back I see you holding your hands like they’re so cold. Another enters posing questions in your immediate direction. The same way I ask myself “Is this a new song for an old friend?” I visualize an image in my head where everything is simple and exactly how it should be. But you could never think like me obsessive passions cloud your thoughts. Rationale ceases to emit, raw emotion covering it.
Track Name: True Colors
Sickened by the feeling you get from recalling, and the person I wish I was watching that whole time was you. I couldn’t keep it out, the thought of you and him. When I heard you say it once I knew it sunk in. I heard you again and again repeat those same lines “I wished it never happened, wished it never happened” oh but how you tried. Found out the truth so there’s no need for you to spew your lies all over my friends they’re not yours to lie to anymore. I’m standing by the things I once said. I’ll never trust in you again. Do you feel obligated in any way to reveal the true colors you tried to shade? Sit back and taste repercussions of losing someone you love. Not by death, by actions made. It's just the point I’ve been trying to prove about you and those things you did. I couldn’t spell it out any clearer. All these people think they know what it’s like, they don’t, although I’m sure they’ll get the message. This could be your chance to hear what I have to say. I didn’t want to talk at first but now that you’re listening. I’ve been away far too long. I’m gonna stay put that way. The trusted friend I once had is now gone and left, became a sad memory. And that moment at which I let you stay with the ones that held me back. I could clearly see what was there, what was lying underneath. You won’t get off the hook that easily.
Track Name: Comfort In Wandering
Quick remind me now before I fall too deep into this problem of mine. Shaking me awake is fine but I prefer a splash of cold water on my face, and do you enjoy burning all bridges that I’ve made? You kept on pulling at my leg, that’s far enough, just leave it instead. I fell asleep again, it wasn't the sheep that I counted which let me drift off into that blank space. And I want these dreams I have to be more real or rather less fake but I won’t change that while I’m awake. You caught me wandering these halls, sleepwalking around this house. Sleeping in all day, a more productive way to ignore how I felt when asked this phrase. “Now who’s to blame when caught in two?” I resent giving up the choice I made you… And he said son if there’s things you would change, go ahead start with today. I’ve been finding my own comfort in wandering this home. You caught me wandering these halls, sleepwalking myself around