'With You' I Can Do Without

by sunstained

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released June 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Honest Face Records Worcester, Massachusetts

We are an independently run label based out of central Massachusetts.

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Track Name: I Saw God (In The Fire Reading My Bible)
i've been shaking in the cold
At least i've got some place to go
It's been burning through my bones
I Just want to be alone
I dont want to be alone
Track Name: Cold Drift
I close my eyes, and I watch you drift
away from me

All the wind
coming in through your window
all the cold
freezing on your pillow
all the chill
of a dying willow

shiver slumber Icy sliver
Track Name: Pale In Comparison
I tried to recount a dream
But I can't remember anything
sleeping with my eyes wide open
but I never see anything

Drown with me
In the darkness of an october night
Sinking deep
to a place and time where I felt almost alright
I don't hate the winter
But i don't miss the cold
I don't hate your words
But I hate that we're older

The more I age the more I know
Every Step leaves less space to grow
trade discomfort for a heart of stone
the airs alright but the wind

chills me to the bone

frail and fragile
you left me battered and worn
nothing mattered
except trying to stay warm

I want more than existence
something more than cyclic days
I want to feel more like a person
and less like a mistake
Track Name: Overgrowth
They kept us away from safety
Boarded us up from our youth
from the rotted wood and rusty chains
and flowers just barely in bloom
gave way to metal skeletons
tried to tell us they're safe
lifeless and unimaginative
i'd rather swing into the grave

find a flaw examine it
wrap your mind entranced with it
my critical analysis is breaking me
down I am sick
Of thinking; end mental atrophy
eviscerate all aware in me
I'm uncomfortable so please empty my skull
of this death creeping

take a stab at me
I am emotionless
just the tide ebbing; oceans fist
my only wish
Is some fucking peace and let
my goddamn mind be quiet
Track Name: Your Mirror
The day I die is the day that I wake up
and continue to tell myself I've had enough
I'm losing interest in what I care about

The next time you look at me I won't look back
The next time you talk to me I won't react

Have you ever stared into your mirror at night
And wondered what happened after your last goodbye
what happens to your ghost when you die

I thought so many times and I can't rid my head
of the thoughts that haunt me when I lay in my bed
Of the hate i feel towards every breath
and my stomach whenever I feel like death
Track Name: Wallflower
I'm the wallflower that you forgot to water
find the reservoir it must be inside me somewhere
wash the dust off rusty ribs, let them rise maybe i'll live
keep my nerves in check, i'm relying on you to keep me from being a wreck

drought, hanging on you,
base my life around you
waste my time fault truth
hold me together i'm broken and brusied

send me a letter I don't need to check my phone
to know that you're off doing something better than sleeping off the pain at home
im writing post cards to my old self telling him hes such a drag
dragging myself out of bed to get the nerve to get you of my head